Turtleback Ferry

Village conventional (mayor); AL LN
GP Limit 200 gp; Assets 4,300 gp
Population 430
Type isolated (91% human, 5% gnome, 4% halfling)
Maelin Shreed, mayor (male human)


Turtleback Ferry is a shock compared to multi-district city of Magnimar. It is even smaller than Sandpoint, and it’s inhabitants are as rough as the lands they claim hold of. They are a simple, hardy folk, miners and loggers who spend most of their earnings at Paradise, a floating barge devoted to gambling, carousing and other vices. The Paradise recently sank though.

Turtleback Ferry is a small township perched on the rain-drenched
north shore of Claybottom Lake. Three distinctive ferries crafted
from the shells of giant turtles slain by Autek Lavendy, one of the
town’s founders, make Turtleback Ferry the central trading town
for the region. Nearly 80 miles from the next town of equitable size
(Ilsurian), Turtleback Ferry has nominally been under Magnimarian rule for 45 years, an arrangement the settlement agreed to in return
for protection from the region’s ogres and ogrekin.

Yet Turtleback Ferry remains independent in many ways, for
its remote location ensures that official visits from Magnimar are
few and far between. Turtleback Ferry’s current mayor is an aged
cleric of Erastil named Father Maelin Shreed, a selfless soul who
tends to the village church as both a safe haven for travelers and a
hospital wherein he tends the village’s sick. Turtleback Ferry also
boasts a trading post (The Turtleback General Store), an inn (The
Turtle’s Parlor), a tavern (Bottoms Up), and a smith (Irontooth’s
Metal Goods). Most of the village’s other buildings are the homes
of farmers, hunters, fishers, and trappers.

Visitors to Turtleback Ferry find the locals friendly enough,
although many of them seem nervous and skittish, quick to lock
their doors at night and often overreacting to the sound of dogs
barking or other unexpected noises. This feeling is only partially
due to the early arrival of the winter snows.

Turtleback Ferry

Story from Within Meridian_Gamers