[5E] Skinner/Hunting rules

Skinning Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Requires Skinning kit, if proficient with a leatherworkers tools you are also proficient with these tools.

Fresh skinning tools cost 25 gp and contains: Skinning knife and holster Whetstone A hunting trap Oil (flask) 10 feet of rope (hemp) Two hooks 1 pound of salt
Add proficiency bonus to skinning checks if proficient with this kit. If the DC is beat by 5 points or more you gather 2 sets of the description below. If another person would like to help, have the helper roll a survival check DC 10. On a success the time is halved and the skinner has advantage on their check, on a failure time doubles and the skinner has disadvantage on their check.

These are base stats and may be changed at DMs digression, and are based off an economy where 1 copper is equal to $1, 1 silver is equal to $10, and 1 gold is equal to $100, so on and so forth.

Tiny game and small game Survival check DC 10 Time 5 minutes
Medium game Survival check DC 15 15 minutes
Large game Survival check DC 20 1 hour
Huge game Survival check DC 25 5 hours
Gargantuan game Survival check DC 30 1 week

Tailors and leatherworkers may want to buy skins and furs. Inn keepers may be interested in raw meat harvested. Harvested meat must be salted or sold within two days or it spoils. Meat sells 5 cp a pound

Tiny and Small game produces furs and small game also yields 1 pound of meat. Tiny furs sell for 1sp each, and Small Furs can be sold for 2sp each Medium skins sell 5sp each, and yield 60 pounds of meat Large skins sell for 1gp each, and yield 100 pounds of meat. Huge skins sell for 2gp each, and yield 200 pounds of meat. Gargantuan skins sell for 20gp, and yields 500 pounds of meat.

Hunting/Tracking If a PC would like to go hunting have them roll a d100 and compare the roll to the chart below. 1-10 tracks of a tiny creature are seen 11-21 tracks of a small creature are seen 22-37 tracks of two small creatures are seen 38-48 tracks of a medium creature are seen 49-59 tracks of two medium creatures are seen 60-68 tracks of a large creature are seen 69-78 tracks of two large creatures are seen 79-84 tracks of a huge creature are seen 85-90 tracks of a gargantuan creature are seen 91-100 nothing is in the area

Once you know the type of tracks they see, use the tracking chart below from the DMG for tracking DCs. If the hunter wishes to reroll on the hunting chart they may reroll once every 10 minutes, but if they choose to reroll instead of hunting the first set of tracks rolled the previous creature may still be in the area.

Tracking Ground Surface DC Soft surface such as snow 10 Dirt or grass 15 Bare stone 20 Each day since the creature passed +5 Creature left a trail such as blood -5

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