Damage Types

Acid: The corrosive spray of a black dragon’s breath and the dissolving enzymes secreted by a black pudding deal acid damage.

Bludgeoning: Blunt force attacks—hammers, falling, constriction, and the like—deal bludgeoning damage.

Cold: The infernal chill radiating from an ice devil’s spear and the frigid blast of a white dragon’s breath deal cold damage.

Fire: Red dragons breathe fire, and many spells conjure flames to deal fire damage.

Force: Force is pure magical energy focused into a damaging form. Most effects that deal force damage are spells, including magic missile and spiritual weapon.

Lightning: A lightning bolt spell and a blue dragon’s breath deal lightning damage.

Necrotic: Necrotic damage, dealt by certain undead and a spell such as chill touch, withers matter and even the soul.

Piercing: Puncturing and impaling attacks, including spears and monsters’ bites, deal piercing damage.

Poison: Venomous stings and the toxic gas of a green dragon’s breath deal poison damage.

Psychic: Mental abilities such as a mind flayer’s psionic blast deal psychic damage.

Radiant: Radiant damage, dealt by a cleric’s flame strike spell or an angel’s smiting weapon, sears the flesh like fire and overloads the spirit with power.

Slashing: Swords, axes, and monsters’ claws deal slashing damage.

Thunder: A concussive burst of sound, such as the effect of the thunderwave spell, deals thunder damage.

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Damage Types

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