Magnimar's Sapphire Flagon

The Sapphire Flagon (in Noas district)

(Party staying here. 1 GP for Retenu, and 2 GP for fancy room. Horses, guarded 1GP each per night)

Location: East of a tree-lined canal. The street outside is filled with the scent of incense and exotic spices.

Description: The inn is a four-story stone-walled building, with a slate roof. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses.

Innkeeper: The innkeeper is a generous female halfling named Marget Pyley. She is a retired alchemist, and her ale is rumored to be enchanted.

Poached Crab and Crowberry Tart, Glass of Port (1 gp)
Steamed Shark and Dried Currant, Glass of Port (1 gp)
Stewed Sausage and Dried Turnip, Tankard of Ale (9 sp)
Roasted Duck and Cabbage, Tankard of Mead (9 sp)

Eanen: Female Elf Soldier, Neutral. Eanen has short red hair and bright brown eyes. She wears scale mail and wields a military fork. Eanen seeks a company of adventurers to escort a caravan of exotic goods safely to the city of Gawic.

Frida: Female Dwarf Craftsman, Neutral. Frida has a long face, with uneven gray hair and hazel eyes. She wears modest garments and carries a long knife. Frida is searching for her missing daughter.

Shatelch: Female Dwarf Craftsman, Neutral. Shatelch is tall, with thin red hair and gray eyes. She wears simple clothing and a bronze amulet. Shatelch has an animal companion, a hunting dog named Arin.

Ahard Gamgee: Male Halfling Aristocrat, Good. Ahard has tangled black hair and dark amber eyes. He wears fine raiment and jewelry. Ahard is chivalrous and idealistic.

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Magnimar's Sapphire Flagon

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