Last Breath

Last Breath:

Once per gift, when another character has died or has failed 3 Death saves, they catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the Black Gates of Death’s Kingdom (the DM will describe it), because of the the gift your deity has given you.
You roll a D20 (just roll, + nothing – yeah, Death doesn’t care how tough or cool they are) for them and secretly tell the DM your total.

The Last Breath is that moment standing between life and death. Time stands still as the god of Death herself, Wee Jas, appears to claim the living for her own. Even those who do not pass beyond the Black Gates catch a glimpse of the other side and what might await them – friends and enemies past, rewards or punishment for acts in life or other, stranger vistas. All are changed in some way by this moment – even those who escape.

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Last Breath

Story from Within Meridian_Gamers