Lia Holimion

5'10", 120lbs, Silver eyes, grey-blue skin, Silvery-blue haired, Elf.


Magic Bow: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The range of the weapon is doubled both in normal and long.

A masterwork weapon, no matter what that weapon is, gets a +1 enhancement bonus to attack, NOT to damage. Arrows were no exception.

Masterwork arrows and magical bows STACK with the bonuses from masterwork and magical bows for attack – meaning you could have a +5 bow and a masterwork arrow, and get a +6 to attack and +5 to damage.


Mother: Olivia Holimion.
From the Halfling village of Barden.
Father: Auvryurden.

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Lia Holimion

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