Jordan Amathis


The Chris Hemsworth of the D&D world.


Used to be a Zombie until he sacrificed himself at Skullcrossing Dam, and made a wish with a Devil, thereby taking his place and saving Turtleback. And in the process, getting his memories back from before being turned into a zombie. His horrible memories…..

Jordan wakes in the city of Almas (, in the Kingdom of Andoran, just to the Northwest of Absalom. His last memory was being at the dam. Nothing of the Prince’s memories while Jordan was a zombie.

Under his bed he finds 750 GP, (1 common Magic Item), and a well used piece of parchment with the results of the trial, from when he was the Prince of Absalom (

After 2 weeks of hearings, in the High Court, on this 9th day of Calistril in the year 4708 of Abalone Reconing, the following judgement has been passed against Jordan Amathis, Prince of Absalom:

He who considers the actions and the thoughts of this man, Jordan Amathis, only son of King and Queen Amathis the Fourth, will see nothing, or little, which can be attributed to fortune, inasmuch as he attained pre-eminence, as is shown above, by the favour of his parents and the military profession, which steps were gained with a multitude of troubles and perils, and were afterwards boldly held by him with many hazardous dangers.

Yet it cannot be called talent to degrade fellow-citizens, regardless of economic means; the theft or embezzlement of forty thousand six hundred and fifty Mithril coins, two thousand and seventy-four Gold coins, three hundred and seventeen Silver coins, and Seven Copper coins from the city coffers and to deceive the City Guard about it. Then as much as to fight, injure, and kill many of them in the questioning of the crime; to be without faith, without mercy, but their deaths were not the only ones. Jordan was witnessed killing the loyal Kingdom Treasurer and his assistant, nine deeply devoted citizens of the realm, and Romero Gixx, the trusted, dutiful, and dedicated son of the head of the Grand Council’s Primarch Lord Gyr of House Gixx.

Such methods may grow the Empire in a foreign land, but not honor. Still, if the courage of Jordan Amathis, in entering into and extricating himself from dangers be considered, together with his greatness of mind in enduring and overcoming hardships, it cannot be seen why he should be esteemed less than the most notable of captains.

Nevertheless, his barbarous cruelty and inhumanity with infinite wickedness, the confirmed deaths of 9 loyal citizens, over the course of at least 21 witnesses to the acts, and the murder of the patriotic Romero Gixx, do not permit him to be celebrated among the most excellent men.

When asked his statement of reason, Jordan Amathis did reply with a shout in anger of, “That money would have only gone to help the poor and those Bastards do Not deserve it! They choose to be poor and filthy! They should choose my blade over their money! They did not deserve to live!” It is written into the record that during the fight with the courtroom guards Jordan did also shout, “You will never find my money!”

It is then decreed by this court, the Grand Council, and King and Queen Amathis, that because of his royal blood, he shall not be sent to the Hells or Executed. Instead, Jordan Amathis shall be stripped of his title, disowned by his family, and banished from the Great Isle of Kortos. His lesson is to be stripped of the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to, never to return to the Island, Castle, Council, or rule for as long as he shall live.

Above all things, the former Prince ought to live amongst those people he despises so much, in such a way that unexpected circumstances, whether of good or evil, shall make him change; because if the necessity for this comes in troubled times.

It must be written that ONLY by the tears and the hour long moving plea of Her Majesty, Queen Amathis, that you shall not be executed; it had been deemed by Her that you are not too late for harsh measures; but mild ones will not help you, for they will be considered as forced from you, and no one will be under any obligation to you for them.
Be all this known to all among the lands.

So say We, King and Queen Amathis, and the Grand Council’s Primarch, Lord Gyr of House Gixx.

Former Zombie body:

Jordan Amathis

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