Time Line

Golarion Timeline / Overview

Age of Darkness
Timeline : -5300 AR to -4500 AR

Age of Anguish
Timeline : -4500 AR to -3500 AR

Age of Destiny
Timeline : -3500 AR to -1 AR

Age of Enthronement
Timeline : 1 AR to 4605 AR

Age of Lost Omens
Timeline : 4606 AR to present

Golarion is now in what is being called the Age of Lost Omens. It began in 4606 AR with the death of the god Aroden and continues to the present. Aroden himself had prophesied thousands of years ago that he would return on the cusp of mankind’s greatest triumph. His priests and followers calculated the supposed exact time of this event and prepared for it with lavish pomp. On the prophesied date, instead of his return all contact to the god was lost and the world was devastated by terrible storms and other calamities. Since then, no major prophecy has come true.

Current Campaign Year: 4707

The Adventure starts on the first day of Autumn with the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint.

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Time Line

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