The Kingdom of Varisia


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“Blind in our ways, we warred amongst ourselves as we had for generations. Until black steel scarred the land and our true enemy came upon us.” —Koeas-Civin, Words of the Elders

Varisia (pronounced vah-RHIS-ee-ah) is a vast frontier region in the northwest of Avistan. It stretches from the Steaming Sea in the west, along the Lost Coast, to the Mindspin Mountains in the east and from the Kodar Mountains to Conqueror’s Bay in the south. The region possesses a variety of environments within its limits, from the swampy Mushfens of the south to the flame-scorched Cinderlands on the northern Storval Plateau

The seat of civilizations forgotten by most modern empires, Varisia’s history is etched upon the stones of its innumerable ruins. Few know what mysterious people once ruled these lands, their towering monuments and incredible architectural feats the sole records of an age of power and wonder. Yet, ask the native Varisians of the past and the monoliths that litter their land and only the cold dread in their eyes will answer.

Nearly 300 years ago, Cheliax founded the colony of Korvosa in the supposedly cursed wilderness between its northern provinces and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. A century of bloody war with the native barbarians, the Shoanti, followed, culminating in southeastern Varisia falling to Chelish rule. Soon after, colonists and adventure seekers of all persuasions came to populate the newly tamed land. Yet, the deeper foreigners trod inland, the greater the mysteries they discovered: endless walls of carved earth, titanic monoliths, and writings no sage recognized. While many viewed these idols and obelisks as evidence of the land’s cursed reputation these oddities did little to halt Cheliax’s imperialistic march.

A century ago, the death of Cheliax’s god Aroden fractured not just the country’s domestic holdings but indefinitely severed its links to numerous colonies, including those in Varisia. Korvosa, the oldest and largest of Varisia’s cities, made overtures of fealty to Cheliax’s diabolical new Magistrix—overtures which went ignored. Abandoned, discord erupted in the city between traditionalists to the dead Chelish theocracy and revolutionaries eager to embrace Cheliax’s new rule. Realizing that infighting would doom all they had accomplished, many of the traditionalists left Korvosa, migrating west and ultimately founding the city of Magnimar. Today, both Korvosa and Magnimar fancy themselves the center of culture in Varisia. Both cities have birthed or claimed numerous vassal townships in the surrounding lands. Other races have also come as well, integrating with the human populace or claiming their own territories. The natives of the land also remember a time when Varisia was theirs alone and swear the land will once again be theirs.
And, alien and now largely ignored, the monuments of an ancient era look on… biding their time.


A rocky land that slopes from the high Kodar Mountains in the north to the drenched fens of the south, Varisia is a realm sculpted from stone. Yet between the mountain ranges that carve the region, wildly disparate and vibrant lands flourish.

The most dramatic natural wonder of Varisia is the Storval Rise, a continuous line of cliffs that runs hundreds of miles and in some places rises as high as 3,000 feet. Adding to this wonder, nearly the entire face of these cliffs bears eroded sculptures, ruined cliff-castles, and grimly carved passages into depths below. Above the rise stretches the Storval Plateau, a barren, hilly land of sparse vegetation and deadly giants. This is the primary home of the Shoanti. A nomadic people, the barbarians range from the Stony Mountains in the west to the Cinderlands—a badland of ragged tors—in the east.

Below the Storval Rise, rolling hills, dense forests, and rocky plains make up Varisia’s more hospitable reaches. Many of these lands are marked by ancient monoliths, eroded statues, and cairns of unnatural size. To the northwest, hills covered in high grass and windy flatlands form valleys between mountains and the sea. In the south, fertile lands pocked by rocky limestone pavements and mist-shrouded moors border the massive rot of the Mushfens.

Numerous dense deciduous forests also huddle against Varisia’s numerous mountain ranges. While spiders and other vermin infest the Churlwood, the ghosts of werewolves are said to haunt the Ashwood. Few dare brave the Lurkwood, for its dark trees grow and shed their leaves in an order not set by the seasons. Deadly and deathly things have also long been rumored to haunt the northern Sanos Forest, but the gnome population of the wilderness’s southern arm has done much to dismiss such tales. Finally, the Mierani Forest was once and is now again a home to elves. While they have done much in the 200 years since their reappearance to treat with the peoples of Varisia’s southern lands, the elves permit few outsiders entrance to their woodland home.


Varisia has no central government. It is a collection of independent city-states that each holds sway over a small collection of towns and villages.

The largest city in Varisia, Korvosa dominates the lands from the Ashwood to Bloodsworn Vale. Today, King Eodred Arabasti II and Queen Ileosa Arabasti rule Korvosa, their reign epitomized by the exploitation of the city-state’s vassal townships for the benefit and luxury of Korvosa’s elite. Korvosa claims to be the most cultured and civilized city in the region, yet visitors might also grant the city-state the titles of most decadent, exploitative, and socially stratified.

To the west, the city of Magnimar vies with Korvosa for dominance of land and trade in and around Varisia. Spread along the shores and cliffs of the Varisian Gulf, Magnimar’s best-known landmark is the Irespan—the ruin of a gargantuan and ancient bridge around and under which the city sprawls. A council of elected elders presides over Magnimar along with the Lord-Mayor, a title held for life. Currently, the overbearing Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras controls the city, his bombastic and largely self-serving voice drowning out those of a fractured council of squabbling merchants, commoners, and bored nobles.

To the northeast of Magnimar lies the fairly new town of Sandpoint.


Korvosa (Abken, Biston, Baslwief, Harse, Melfesh, Palin’s Cove, Sirathu, Veldraine), Magnimar ( Galduria, Nybor, Sandpoint, Wartle, Wolf’s Ear), Celwynvian, Ilsurian, Janderhoff, Kaer Maga, Ravenmoor, Riddleport (Roderic’s Cove), Sipplerose, Urglin, Turtleback Ferry, Whistledown


Thassilonian Ruins:
Countless gigantic monuments and buildings left over from ancient Thassilon Empire can be found across Varisia. They have survived for over ten millennia due to the skills of their stone giant crafters and the power infused in them by the runelords. The most well-known of these include the Cyphergate of Riddleport, the Irespan of Magnimar, the Grand Mastaba of Korvosa, the Lady’s Light in the Mushfens, and the Skull Dam at the Storval Deep.

In the past few hundred years, the magic protecting these structures has finally begun to fail, and have slowly been suffering from the normal effects of erosion. This has also made them more vulnerable to explorers and treasure seekers, who search for the lost treasures of their ancient owners.

Varisia holds dozen of locales ripe for exploration and adventure. Listed here are but a few.
Bloodsworn Vale: A fey-haunted pass to southern lands.
Brinewall: A mysteriously ruined sea-fortress.
Celwynvian: The doomed capitol of the Mierani elves, abandoned by its people.
The Sunken Queen: A great, timeless pyramid rising from the Mushfen’s murk.
Hook Mountain: A peak of dark repute and ancestral home to several tribes of murderous ogres.
Kaer Maga: A city built within ancient ruins, renowned for its anarchic population of squatters and outlaws.
The Mobhad Leigh: A vast and deep pit, which the Shoanti say has no bottom.
Riddleport: A depraved pirate city whose ancient harbor bears a massive, rune-carved arch.
The Lady’s Light: An ancient, towering lighthouse rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of witches.
The Storval Stairs: Titanic steps cut into the face of the Storval Rise.
Urglin: An ancient ruin overrun by brutal savages, orcs, halfbreeds, and worse.
Viperwall: The Citadel of Snakes. Its walls of carved serpents endlessly leak a venomous gas.


The Kingdom of Varisia

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