How Do I Create A Character For This Game


How to make Bad-Monster Beater-Uppers.

Updated: 1/07/16.
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Fighter classes have had Some training, but have never been in actual life or death combat.
Non-fighter classes have even less fighting training/experience.

It’s a fun challenge for people to ROLEPLAY something different. We all seem to start out as combat gods who are only affected by killing and fighting if there’s a spell or effect that hits the character. We know all the monsters. Characters start at level one as battle hardened? It’s ho hum.

“Oh yes, I’m a 18 year old from a village, getting out for the first time. A swarm of Kobalds just brutally killed that family in front of me? Ok. Whatever. Charge and kill them. I have a +3 attack.”

I’m changing that up. I picked this story and setting because even the goblins are different and non standard.

Expect the first few combats to be scary, not because of the dice rolls, but because you’ve never been in combat. You’ve never faced something that has the chance of killing you. Don’t think of it as your stats and rolls vs my rolls. Think of it as your character would. How would a NOOB react?

Level 1 does not mean toddler. But it also does not mean Combat God. I will always reward Roleplaying over Roll-Playing.



Players in the Rise of the Runelords should create characters with their own reasons to be in Sandpoint at the campaign’s beginning, in the morning, at the start of the Swallowtail Festival for the Dedication of the new Cathedral.

Not before that point. Not after that point.
And “Because” is not an acceptable answer. :)
Don’t worry, the day after the festival you’ll get to learn more about the town and it’s residents.
The point of the festival is to introduce you to the town.

And no, no one will be from Sandpoint. No one has family there, never been there, and IF they have heard of it, they know just the name.

Characters can be from “almost” anywhere on the continent of Avistan. Sandpoint, in Varisia, is in the Northwest part of the continent, along the Lost Coast.


I don’t care what character sheet you have for your personal use, but I am requiring that you fill out and save one. I’ve included a few in the Google Drive:

They are fillable, savable, and updatable. Save yours into the folder with your name on it
Each level, I’ll ask what you changed, for my database, but I definitely need the 1st level filled out with notes, backgrounds, and traits. Also, if you can’t show up to a game, I’ll have your character and no one will have to guess how awesome you are.

HELPFUL WALKTHROUGH SITE:—-character-creation


We are using the “standard set” (which is 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, & 8) as your ability scores for your 1st level character, this will help against good rollers vs bad rollers.


Enough Said.


Standard Core Races in the Player’s Handbook are pre-approved.
Races from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion (Aarakocra, Deep Gnome, and Goliaths) Requires an Additional written Story as to WHY you’re this race and also requires Pre-Approval after the story is read.

Any Other Races (Requires MORE of a written Story than is required above and a Great “Why” you’re this race and also requires Pre-Approval after the story is read).

This is to facilitate Roleplaying as opposed to min-maxing stats/abilities for Roll-playing.


Any Core Class in the Player’s Handbook is pre-approved.
Any other Class will require a written store as to Why you want to play is and requires Pre-Approval.


Will need a pre-approved written reason as to why your character would start with any language other than your racial language. Monster languages require extra write up. No Goblin languages is allowed at creation.


Will need a pre-approved written reason as to why your character would start with any knowledge outside of your local area and skills. Monster knowledge require extra write up. No Goblin knowledge is allowed at creation.


Everything else will be based on what you have chosen so far. Anything that is not in the player’s handbook requires a write up and pre-approval.



At any given time, your character should have three “motivations.”
These are in additional to the normal D&D character creation steps.

Motivations can be general desires (such as “thwart the machinations of the Dark Court” or “stamp out slavery”) or specific goals (such as “acquire the holy avenger” or “free my brother from the Prison of Fire”). Some things to keep in mind:

  • These motivations are intended to provide hooks for the GM so he’ll know what sort of adventures the PCs would likely pursue.
  • Motivations aren’t set in stone; they can change, particularly ones that are specific goals that are achieved.
  • The motivations should be something the player finds fun or interesting (and by extension would be something the character would be interested in).
  • There cannot be any Anti-Party or Anti-PC motivations.
  • And finally, YES, they can combined or paired motivations with another player(s).

List if each one is Public (other characters known it) or Private (only for the GM’s eyes).


How Do I Create A Character For This Game

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