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If a DM felt like the mechanics of a situation negated any ability to save, then they just need to not allow the save in the first place. i.e In a room that is smaller than the AOE, and you have no where to go, you cannot dodge, nor Uncanny Dodge either. So say I!!

Travel Times
Cost of Living
Performance Checks

Book Rules: Dispel Magic, Ethereal Jaunt.
Damage Types.
House Rules.

Massive Damage.
Monsters – See your nightmares!
Motivations (DM Only)
Take 10 and Take 20 do apply.
Ghoul Fever
5e Spells:


Wands have limited charges, but can be “refilled” once per day with the appropriate spell.

Creating Magic Items: and how to destroy them! UPDATED
Magic Items, searchable:
Magic Items:
Magic Items PDF:

Human Bane = +2D6 to a weapon.

Homebrew Items:


Building Buildings

Conversion from Pathfinder to 5e (DM only)

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DM Stuff

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