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  • Heroes House

    [[File:615439 | class=media-item-align-center | Sandpoint_Building_51_Furnished_2.jpg]]

    >> [[The Town of Sandpoint | Click Here to go back to Sandpoint]]. <<

  • Kalen Reynard

    Bard: Servant of [[Those Above and Below | Sarenrae]], (pronounced SAER-en-ray) Goddess of the sun, honesty, redemption, and healing. Kalen keeps hearing of the Everlight Oasis, a holy site for followers of Sarenrae in the city of Perishan (in the …

  • Lia Holimion

    Mother: [[:olivia-holimion | Olivia Holimion]]. From the Halfling village of [[Barden | Barden]]. Father: Auvryurden.

    Lia's Necklace: [[File:519554 | class=media-item-align-center | HollowNecklaceBauble.jpg]]
    Your Google Drive: …

  • Kate

    Cleric of [[Those Above and Below | Sarenrae]]. Has a Pearl of Power. From the [[Katapesh]] city (think Morocco). On the continent south of [[Absalom | Absalom]].

  • Jordan Amathis

    Used to be a [[:jake | Zombie]] until he sacrificed himself at Skullcrossing Dam, and made a wish with a Devil, thereby taking his place and saving [[Turtleback Ferry | Turtleback]]. And in the process, getting his memories back from before being turned …

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