Kalen Reynard

A young, human, male of 22 years.


Kalen is a wiry, young human of 22 years. At 5’ 10" and 180 lbs, he has sea blue eyes, a short goatee and a head of medium-length brown hair. He keeps his hair down most of the time

He also carries a bouzouki, a lute-like instrument.


Servant of Sarenrae, (pronounced SAER-en-ray) Goddess of the sun, honesty, redemption, and healing.

Kalen keeps hearing of the Everlight Oasis, a holy site for followers of Sarenrae in the city of Perishan (in the Empire of Kelesh).

Wine, Women and Song – what bard worth his instruments doesn’t want to be known for his songs, drink to his heart’s desire, and know that touch of a lovely lady?
The Philanthropist of Sandpoint – Kalen has grown to love the seaside community and wants nothing more to see it prosper. The biggest push has been with the money given from Lord-Mayor Haldemeer, but that’s just the start in Kalen’s eyes. One day, he hopes to be see Sandpoint rival Magnimar City in its size and glory.


The most commonly celebrated holidays celebrated by the followers of Sarenrae are Burning Blades on the 10th of Sarenith, and the Sunwrought Festival, held on the summer solstice.



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Kalen Reynard

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