Erin Habe


Erin is a short man, with thinning brown hair. He wears reading glasses most of the time, often forgetting to take them off and therefore peering over them. He dresses casually, and is always fastidiously clean. He has brown eyes and a silent, thoughtful disposition though is quick to avoid confrontation to the point of an almost nervous habit.


The Saintly Haven of Respite, better known locally as Habe’s Sanatorium, is run by Erin Habe, an expert on disease and mental derangement who is as well traveled as he is knowledgeable.

To raise funds for upkeep and his research, Habe has taken a silent partner, the elderly Varisian Caizarlu Zerren. Habe employs two deformed tiefling brothers, Gortus and Gurnak, as orderlies. Habe maintains a working laboratory where he conducts experiments on his patients that might cross ethical boundaries.

Erin Habe

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