Adelor / Áine

Changeling Rogue. Has come from far off lands to seek out a new life.


The party meets my character as Áine. A beautiful red haired, green eyed, finely dressed proper looking woman. She is in about her late teens early twenties. When people talk to her she is very polite and friendly. There are times when for just a flash of a moment she gets a look in her eyes of pure hatred that can put even the most seasoned of men at unease. But, just as fast as it appears, it disappears, leaving the observer doubting that they even saw something. Between her polite, friendly and easy going nature it is easy to trust her, and overlook her true capabilities.

Female form:

Male form:

Natural Form:


Adelor was a boy who grew up in a xenophobic city. When he was young his parents were killed and only he was able to escape, thanks entirely due to a sympathetic family friend. No one but his previous lover and his rescuer know what he truly is. He is able to slip into a new persons skin quite easily, but being able to truly become that person is never easy.

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Adelor / Áine

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