Story from Within

Session Three - GOBLINS!

200 XP

After five years of peace, the town of Sandpoint erupted with unprovoked violence by a goblin warband. Slaughtering all who got in their way, the goblins descended upon the town. Amid the chaos, there were a few people who stood tall – some however reluctantly – and fought against the raging tide. Eric wade into battle with his maul, turning into goblin jelly anything that got in his way. Lia fired arrows across the village square, wounding or sending to their deaths the little beasts. Kalen and Áine stuck together, Kalen singing words of inspiration and Áine fending the goblin off…until he fell asleep for some reason. Sen, however, seemed reluctant to attack; something in him wasn’t the “killing sort.”

The first wave of goblins was routed, but the people had fled into mass hysteria. As the new heroes rushed the important families of Sandpoint into the cathedral and the doors began to close, the sheriff stood alone against a goblin group, including a crazed wardog! The group -some however reluctantly – would not let the sheriff face his doom alone. Eric and Lia focused their attention on the sheriff, Lia taking shots at the wardog and Eric going for any goblin he could find. Kalen and Sen, however, worked on a second point – a noble had been cornered by three goblins, defended only by his valiant hound. In the end, the hound was slain and the sheriff had neared been killed as well (if not for a small healing spell from Kalen). Yet the goblins had been routed; the noble, a man by the name of Aldern Foxglove, was alive and well; and the town was herded into the cathedral while the town guards searched for the last few goblins.

Sen did not take well to having killed. No one really did. But the whispers began.

Why did the goblins attack? And who were these new heroes in town?



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