Story from Within

Session One/Two - The Swallowtail Festival

200 XP / 75 XP

Travelers from near and far have descended with merriment on the town of Sandpoint – some came by choice in a caravan, some came from a very long journey, and some not even knowing why they were there. But, after some lengthy speeches, the Swallowtail Festival began in full swing! The party found their respective fortes and managed to overcome obstacles to gain rewards of renown, splendor…and horrible smells.

  • Sen Tash made it to 4 in the Pixie’s Kiss and won a prize in Riddles and Rhyme (picking up a Wand of Protection from Evil).
  • After much coin and a great deal of effort, Lia Holimion succeeded in Harker’s Trickshot, winning a magical (and utterly unnerving) bow! Lia also completed the Devil Hunt.
  • Kalen Reynard bested the Riddles and Rhyme (gaining a Wand of Cure Wounds), charmed the Uncharmable Woman, and made to 15 at the Pixie’s Kiss.
  • Áine charmed the Uncharmable Woman, truly smashed the Lighthouse Smash, completed the Goblin Toss, and did a great deal of gathering “loose coin” (especially pickpocketing a pickpocketer)
  • The man who would be become Eric Mutt drank the Hagfish Water (carving his name into the ceiling), completed the Ogre Stomp, ran the Red Barrow Run, made it to 19 in the Pixie’s Kiss (only stopping when offered free food), and became a local legend when he triumphed against the Gauntlet!

No matter what the events of the day, everyone had a chance to indulgence in virtue or vice, skill or relaxation; Áine had the chance to give back to the local orphanage, Kalen got the chance to play his music, and Sen finally got the chance to eat. The crowds gathered once again at the steps of the newly built cathedral as the sun began to set. But the peace and joy of the day that had built a wall of comfort in the minds of the people was shattered by one unexpected visitor – goblins!



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