Story from Within

Session Eight - The Possibility of Goblins

100 XP

As the soldiers continued to scour the Glassworks, a journal belonging to Tsuto was found, and it was handed off to Sen. After a ritual to read the language, the book was a mixture of journal entries, erotic pictures, and the strategies and diagrams of the first raid and plans for a greater raid. It appears that Tsuto has found a lover in Nualia, the adopted daughter of the deceased Fr. Tobyn. Nualia herself was thought dead in the fire that claimed her adopted father and the previous cathedral. It appears that the Father’s bones taken during the raid started a chain of event to purge the celestial nature out of Nualia, summon something called Malfeshnekor, and deliver the destruction of Sandpoint to an old world god called Lamashtu.

This discovery cause great difficulty among the group, with questions of when the raid would occur (tonight?) and what could possibly be done to protect the city and its inhabitants. The majority of the party spoke with the Mayor, hoping to summon people to the cathedral – the most defensible point in Sandpoint; the mayor agreed to this “drill.” Kalen spoke with Vorvashali Voon about what was shown in the journal. While Voon didn’t have much knowledge on the catacombs, he was able to figure out that the rituals that Nualia are enacting would take several weeks to finish.

Ameiko finally awoke, telling Áine that Tsuto had called her to the Glassworks to tell her to leave. He had “big plans” for Sandpoint and didn’t want her to be in town when it happened. The news of her father’s death was earth-shattering, but she was able to relay a little information in that the catacombs would be somewhere in the Smuggler’s Tunnel.

The group let the mayor know that they would be entering the Smuggler’s Tunnel in search of the Catacombs. Who knows where it will be…or what will be waiting when it is found.



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